Tips for a successful married life

Despite the ideal love disclosed by fairy tales from our childhood, couple problems are common. Besides, they have always been and always will be. Therefore, instead of fleeing them desperately, it is better to know how to take courage with both hands to face them serenely. Indeed, there is no point in demonizing disagreement. On the contrary, couple counseling westchester county ny  since it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you have, it also represents an opportunity to grow and improve.

Find someone who looks like you 

Opposites attract, but it may be stuck in the long run. It is improved to be as alike as likely, and in any case, to split the same priorities in existence, the same life goals. We need security; we want others to take care of us and respond if we need help and support. It is, therefore, couple counseling westchester county ny  an advantage to be with someone who knows your world and aspires to the same things as you.

But accept the differences

What you especially shouldn’t do – and yet most do – is try to change your partner. The more people have changed, the more they have given up on their partner, and the unhappy they are. If you feel that you have to alter for your partner because he or she does not believe you as you are, your determination is miserable. Conversely, if you try to modify your partner, you send him the communication that you do not like him as he is or as she is. Only if he is 100% certain of your love and if he feels that you appreciate him that he will be prepared to believe things from you, that he will be acquainted with that you only want to help him. Everyone this is on paper in both masculine and feminine, of course.

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Take advantage of your differences

The ideal is that you adopt each other’s features. Everybody has things to get better, like being more structured or more assertive. Your partner may have these qualities that you want to acquire and can be an example for you and strengthen you in your qualities.

Trust yourself

If you trust yourself, you give every additional a lot of credit. You feel secure in your relationship, and you know that your partner is there for you, even – above all! – when you are in a vulnerable situation. If you let your partner assume that you have a secret, you become suspicious and unreliable, whether or not there is a secret. “. It damages confidence and makes the other spy on you, which will not lead to anything good, because even if he finds nothing if there is nothing to discover, he will continue to be wary.