There is rampant talk about BITCOIN everywhere, and ever larger groups of people are desperate to invest in BITCOIN. But so esoteric is the subject matter of Crypto-currencies, even for first class financiers, that most people are forced to wait till it becomes more simply explained to them before investing. But the rate at which the remaining fund of BITCOIN is decreasing on a daily basis, and price of units of Crypto-currency are rising, that may be too late. It is already more or less out of reach of ordinary folk, given that only the very rich can even now afford to employ professional assistance in Mining, and the highly sophisticated Hardware and Software necessary. At the same time, buying BITCOIN can become easier than it is supposed. There are basically two ways of buying BITCOIN. The First is to find a top class BITCOIN Broker who will make the purchase for the Buyer. The Second method is to buy the BITCOIN in the open market.


With the First method while the headaches are less, the amount to be paid to the BITCOIN Broker may be quite high. Also, a strong referral from a trustworthy source may be the only way to verify the authenticity of the Broker. But in this matter, the privacy of the Buyer is at stake. With the Second method, one needs an account, perhaps with a BITCOIN Wallet, in order to register. Thereafter, the market exchange price needs to be accessed before offers for purchase of free bitcoin can be made.