Why Listening To Podcast Can Serve As A Good Therapy

Thank You for Your Service, its a film about life after your service (after your military life), when officially you’re already called as vets. It can feel good at first that you’re finally away from war and violence. But is the war really over? Sure the war where you got assigned still has an ongoing war, but, shifting from a very violent and war torn place, are you really out of the war zone? Physically yes, but the other part of you will still feel like being at war.

There are many vets that suffer this type of dissociation and if you think about it, if you’re exposed to the violence of war and you suddenly come home in a very peaceful place, it’s hard to switch. Not all soldiers are able to cope easily. Most suffer even after the war. The good thing is that support systems are there to help anyone to get back on their feet. Although it’s not highly recommended, surprisingly, listening to podcasts are actually better than anyone thought.

You need something to relate to: There’s a reason why talking with other vets is comforting, that is because they are the same as you. They have seen the war and your language is the same. Podcasts are the same especially the ones that are related to servicemen like SOFREP, since podcasts are like a discussion, an interview, a talk show but it feels like more intimate and engaging that listeners feel like they are part of the discussion.


Podcasts are mainstream: Podcasts are mainstream. There are some that take it negatively but it’s actually a good thing because if it’s not mainstream it’s not going to be as good as it is today. If you look back on the podcasts back in the day, there is a big difference in the quality and the genre options that one can choose. Today, anything that you want, need and prefer, there is a podcast that is perfect for you.

Podcasts are very informative: Podcasts has a ton of information that you can get out of. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to read anything. Most podcasts have very informative stuff in them that you can learn from whether you’re traveling, you are bored, you need someone to talk to and any other situations where you’re alone. A podcast can be there to accompany you and supply you with the information that you need.

Many vets suffer from stress, PTSD, dissociation, alcoholism, addiction and so on, all because they went to war and when they finally came back, they were still not out of the woods. They still remember the war like it was yesterday and it seemed like no one is able to relate to them. The movie Thank You for Your Service is a reflection of that. Although there are various therapies out there that can help, a podcast can be a good medium, like SOFREP.