How a cloud solution can improve your office productivity

According to research company IDC, its growth contributes to the expansion of the “types” of mobile devices, the explosion of mobile applications and big data tools, as well as increasing the availability of wireless broadband.

By 2015, one in seven dollars spent on batch software, servers, and storage will be implemented in a public cloud model.

Many companies, including David Steinberg Zeta, which just introduced data cloud solutions, an application that is currently in beta, are joining the cloud. The developers seem to be happy with iWork in the first tests. It will be released for use by the general public later this year.

iWork is Apple’s answer to Google Docs and Google Drive. The purpose of using cloud technologies is to give users the ability to create, edit and save documents, spreadsheets and slide shows on a variety of devices, whether it be a MAC, iPad or iPhone.

This solution is similar to other cloud applications that require only a web browser interface and Internet connection.

David Steinberg

In general, these applications make a significant contribution to the development of the concept of collaboration, improvement of the workflow and exchange of ideas between the office and the remote staff.

For example, a destination seller may use his laptop to download a new corporate slideshow. By eliminating the need to install the correct software on the device, the seller can edit the presentation through his web browser. They can personalize it with the name of the potential customer and add other key information that is relevant to the needs of the customer.


The presentation can be saved for real-time exchange with a manager or colleague who can make additional changes or suggestions. After completion, the presentation can be printed out, if possible, or sent to a potential client electronically.