Learn the easy way to turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10

People across the world today are shifting to a wireless environment and thus devices such as laptop, mobile phones and tablets are being increasingly used by one and all. One such wireless technology that has become more and more popular is Bluetooth – a technology which helps transmit data between devices over a short distance. Because of its ease of use, people are increasingly using it. However, since portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones have constant upgrades in their software, people sometimes find it difficult to find and turn on Bluetooth in their device. If you too are facing trouble turning on the Bluetooth on your recently installed Windows 10 then this tutorial is just for you. This article will hand hold you and take you through the two ways in which you can turn on Bluetooth for Windows 10 in your device.

installed Windows 10

  1. Using Windows Settings

In this method, the user needs to press the Windows key.  Once the windows key is pressed, the user then needs to look for a “Search” bar. This is usually at the bottom left corner of the device. Once, the user has identified the search bar, he/she needs to type “Bluetooth” in that search bar and hit the enter button. This action will take the user to a page that displays the Bluetooth toggle button. All the user now has to do is click the toggle button to turn on Bluetooth. The user can also add a new Bluetooth device to his mobile phone/laptop/ tablet by selecting “add another Bluetooth device” icon.

  1. Using the Action Centre method

The second method involves using the Action Centre of your device. The user has to identify a small message box on his task bar. This box is located to the right of date and time display. The user, by clicking on this box, can go to the Action Centre of the device. This page displays various widgets for quick setting options for a large number of functions on your device. The Bluetooth toggle button too is located here. This Bluetooth toggle button lists the names of Bluetooth devices connected to the user’s device and all that the user needs to do to turn on Bluetooth on windows 10 on his device is to select the device and switch it on through the toggle button.