Fresh From The Press To Your Doorstep


In the early days, nobody had that many options when it came to entertainment and to do something that would keep them busy other than their respective jobs. This was especially problematic for the people who stayed at home and had nothing to do after their work at home was done. These people are what we call housewives. Particularly equipped with the prowess of gossip making and spreading rumours at the speed of light and sometimes even faster. But the task was getting too tedious and time-intensive and they needed new means to satisfy their rumour-craving minds and gossip nurtured selves.  Out came the inventions of newspaper and the printing press and voila! Gossip galore begins. But on a more serious note, the local neighbourhood newspaper provided valuable information on the happenings and other issues that relate to that neighbourhood only. There is the Houston chronicle of Texas, the Los Angeles times, and the Tribeca News of New York to name a few. These newspapers not only offered news of the local area and the current affairs, it also offered something for everyone from crossword puzzle for the kids and the elderly, with sizzling celebrity news for the housewives and other alike.


The Need For News

One might ask for the need of a local newspaper when there is the national one already in existence. This is a very valuable question and one that can be answered by the editors of local newspapers as, the national newspaper might have a ton of information that may be irrelevant to the people in small towns and do not really get affected by something going on in Washington DC or an actor’s divorce hearing coming to session in California. The local newspapers such as Tribeca adheres to the interests, stories, local news and other opinions of the neighbourhood. This is the ideal situation for someone who lives say in a farm for example and needs some news and a peaceful reading time of what is happening that is in his close proximity.


In essence, a local newspaper not only provides with its rudimentary role of providing news but also represents the local business and other opinions of the local area that would otherwise be overshadowed by the national light and be a spec in the sky rather than shine like the sun in their own neighbourhood where it all matters.