Mastering Instagram’s Algorithm: How to Get More Likes and Followers

The reason Instagram’s algorithm is so tricky to figure out is because it’s changing all the time. It never sleeps. And sometimes it breaks. What will work today might not work tomorrow, but here are some foolproof tips on how to get more likes and followers while bypassing the algorithm. Buying instagram likes can help you improve your brand’s credibility and visibility in the marketplace.

Here are ways to improve your Insta presence without annoying your followers.

Strengthen your content

This is the most important thing to focus on. The more followers you have, the better. But if you start posting a bunch of irrelevant photos and links, they won’t find you. Therefore, keep the quality of your posts and the audience of your followers in mind. Don’t try to do too much, just post the good stuff.

Posting irrelevant photos

It can be tempting to follow the trend of posting selfies. And while this is a great way to start making friends, it also makes you look less serious. You don’t want people to think that you’re just a selfie-loving teen with no thoughts in your head. So do not post selfies if you’re older than 18 and when you upload them, make sure they include some sort of content.

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Posting links

These days, more and more photos are being uploaded to Instagram around the world. A graph by the Instagram blog shows that 80% of photos are taken with a smartphone. If you want to keep your account from being seen as spam, post in-depth photos and videos.

Posting too soon–or too late

If you post 5 minutes after your followers have just seen a photo of yours, chances are they won’t see it. If you post 5 days later, chances are they’ll scroll right past it on their feed. Try to post at least once a day and at exactly the right time. If you have a specific goal in mind, use your insights to figure out how often to post.

Making a scene

If you want to gain followers, it’s extremely important to be respectful and polite. There’s a fine line between being active and being annoying. Don’t be vulgar and offensive, but don’t be too passive either.

Don’t post something everyone else has already posted

People don’t like meaningless content that’s been seen by millions of people before. Likewise, don’t post the same photos over and over again either in one day or in one week. If you want followers, your content needs to be original.