Understand what Close Protection and their roles

Providing close protection in London services is a very demanding and complex profession. People know that vital statesmen and celebrities always walk with their bodyguards wherever they are. Yet only a few people know and understand what close protection services involve.

It’s much more than being strong, tall, and keeping close to your client when they go out. Close Protection Officers keep their clients safe from any physical harm or unwanted attention. They must assess security measures and give careful surveillance.

Know what is Close Protection

            Close Protection officers are also popularly known as bodyguards. They are specialist security and are a highly trained officer who ensures people are safe from other threats to their privacy or safety. Close Protection officers give physical security, precautionary care, risk assessments. With the rise in specific threats, criminal activity, and terrorism. Close Protection gives the best level of security to their families, individuals. And their political, business, or financial interests.

Yet, the idea of Close Protection is not a recent one. A lot of historical figures hired bodyguards, even thousands of years before. Over centuries, the nature of threats may have differed, yet the concept of securing individuals is the same.

 Who demands Close Protection?

            Important individuals, many notable, and historical figures aside may need Close Protection. Also, an individual who is in danger may need a Close Protection officer to assist them long or short-term. Below are some examples of those who need support from Close Protection officers:

  • Politicians, diplomats, and dignitaries
  • Royal families
  • The film, Music, Sports, or TV celebrities, and their families
  • VIPs
  • High profile personalities attending potentially hostile or dangerous places
  • Judges, Barristers, and sometimes a part of a Jury
  • Other high-profile media personalities

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What risk/ threats do these Close Protection officers protect you from?

            Unfortunately, criminal activity may happen in all communities. Also, some individuals are more at risk of becoming victims of crime. For example, those who are in positions of influence. Celebrities with many international followers policymakers are likely to need close protection in their everyday lives. This may be because of incidents that happened before, having received threats. Or simply being in a top position of influence that attracts attention.

Close Protection can secure your safety from threats like:

  • Possible stalkers
  • Convert invasion/ surveillance of privacy
  • Organized syndicate
  • Terrorist organizations
  • Indirect or direct threats
  • Political opponents or rivals
  • Over-enthusiastic fans

Close Protection officers have a broad range of daily duties and tasks. That range from strategic planning, to project management, and many more.