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Underpinning is the process of extending an existing foundation system into deeper and more stable subsurface strata than the near-surface soil that supports the existing foundation system. This is done to add vertical support to the design that wasn’t there before. Footings stem walls, driven piling, and drilled piers are all examples of underpinning techniques.

Many of the properties that forensic engineers and repair contractors are called to inspect have foundations that are insufficient for the conditions on the property. Homes are frequently built on marginal ground that lacks the bearing ability to support the large weight of a structure due to a lack of suitable land. As a result, foundation underpinning is necessary to extend foundation support to depths that give better bearing capacity and/or are less impacted by climate, soil conditions, and/or homeowner behavior. If properly designed and implemented, this underpinning offers the foundation for raising the structure to a more suitable elevation while also providing vertical support to keep the underpinned region from settling.

Mud jacking

Mud jacking is the practice of lifting a concrete slab by injecting cement grout beneath it. Drilling strategically positioned holes through the slab and pumping cement grout into the soil or space beneath the slab (under pressure). In most cases, a qualified grouting crew can lift a slab using this procedure in a single work day. Over the last years, we have mud-jacked (slab-jacked) successfully over 500 building floor slabs.