The Boredom Busters: Why Do Cats like to Hide in a Box?

Even the most well-behaved cat can get bored from time to time, and boxes are one way to keep them engaged and entertained while they’re home alone or just looking for some fun. But why do cats love boxes so much? Here are a few reasons why your cats like to hide in a boxes, as well as ways you can try to duplicate their behavior to see if your feline likes it, too.

What it means when your cat loves a box

Cats like boxes because they provide them with a nice hiding place. These are perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms, closets, under furniture, or any other tight space where there is little room to move around. Most boxes are big enough for cats to fit into and feel protected at the same time. Not to mention that they offer tons of entertainment through all the different sounds they can make while inside.

CBD for catsCan this behavior be useful?

Cats can be very curious creatures. They like to look around and explore new spaces. Sometimes they will use a box or container as a temporary bed, but other times it is something more mischievous. cats like to hide or observed playing with boxes to get their human’s attention. The most common scenario is that the cat will hide in the box while you are looking for them, then jump out and surprise you when you find them.

A second scenario where cats enjoy playing with boxes is when one of your cat’s playmates hides under the table while another stands on top of the table next to it. The standing cat then jumps down into the box while making noise, only to jump back up on top of the table as if nothing happened.

How can cats benefit from playing in boxes?

Cats are natural predators and any toy that gets them moving is a good thing. And the confined space that comes with a box can let cats explore their instincts to jump, run, stalk and pounce. There’s also the added entertainment of things they might see when they peek out through holes in the box or peep through gaps in the lid. Plus, boxes provide an easy-to-clean litter box alternative for multi-cat households. If you’re short on closet space but have room under your bed, this could be your solution. If you’re dealing with pets who want to tear up your furniture, it may be worth investing in some sturdy cardboard boxes. As long as you take a few precautions (make sure there are no sharp edges), you’ll find that catnip and scratching posts will make this possible experience even more enjoyable for your furry friends.