Surprising Factors That Affect The Duration Of THC In One’s System

With the popularity of cannabinoids or CBD at an all-time high, many of its strains and extracts like, THC have become excessively popular due to their easy accessibility and even easier consumption through a variety of forms. However, the duration of effects of such cannabinoids is not always uniform for everyone, especially if it is concerning the duration. The factors that affect duration of THC and other CBD in one’s system are usually unknown to many.

Knowledge of such factors, however, is not that complex — it is mostly because each person has a different biological composition with even varying thresholds than the others. It creates a variety of duration THC can stay in one’s system even if they have consumed the same amount as the next person to them.

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These factors that affect the duration of THC include the following:

  • Amount consumed: While this is the most obvious, many people still do not understand that the amount of cannabinoids consumed can highly affect how long it will stay in your body — just like how if one eats too much food they need longer to digest it and feel hungry again? Yes, it follows the same principle as that.
  • Metabolism: With how high metabolism helps digest food faster, it also helps burn the THC in one’s system faster due to the shorter time it needs our body to process the cannabinoid. This is why the effect duration of cannabinoids is much lower in males than in females since Testosterone increases the rate of metabolism in a male body.
  • Genetic composition: As mentioned earlier, certain biological factors like the production of enzymes, Testosterone and other hormones can lead to high metabolism or even other bodily conditions that process through the effects of THC faster.
  • Frequency of usage: CBD, like its source plant, is often accumulative, making its detection in one’s system possible even after the test has been conducted three days after they had last consumed THC. This is mostly due to how one’s body gets used to the THC and accumulates it in the bloodstream, which often takes days to be cleaned out — especially if they consume a substantial amount almost daily.

In the end, the effect duration of THC or any other CBD in one’s system may be unique to themselves even at different intervals of time. All one can do to calculate it is give an average time that one may feel the effects of THC.