Promote Your Company – Use Magnetic Promotional Calendars

The Magnetic calendar has become one of the fastest growing advertising products. The reason? This is because they are effective. There are other types of promotional products, but they don’t have the same impact as calendars. Promotional pens have limited printing space, so the best you can do is write your company name and phone number. Even then, the pen spends most of its life in a drawer or pocket (or in a plastic box if you’re at my house) and nobody sees it.

Other products?

Besides the pen, there are promotional calculators. They suffer from the same limitations as pens and cost more. How about plastic cups? They have a little more “real estate”, FYI, but they don’t see much more than pens or calculators…even though they are sitting on my desk next to my calculator and are full of promotional pens. The only people who see my desk are my kids when they use my computer to play some stupid online game that infects my system with spyware.

My opinion…

Magnetic calendars provide the most exposure for the money. That’s the whole idea of ​​a promotional product, right? Its purpose is to attract the largest number of people to information about your company. A Magnetic calendar is usually placed in a visible place at home or at work. The very nature (being magnetic) makes people put them on refrigerators at home, on break room cabinets at work, on computer cases in the office, on tool boxes, cash registers, metal lamp posts on the corner, on cars and lockers at school or work . These are all places that are frequented by many people. Each of them is a potential customer. They provide thousands of views per month.


Did I mention they are inexpensive? Magnetic promotional calendars can be purchased for less than 30 cents each.

Why they work

Human minds work in strange ways. You can’t always make someone think the way you want them to, but they can often be persuaded if you do it gently. Magnetic calendar do just that. Instead of being loud and obnoxious (the Billy Mays commercials come to mind), they’re subtle…almost subliminal. Whenever someone sees it in the office, they don’t stop and read every word, but they know it’s there. They look at it. They are looking at a picture of you or your building. Gradually, they get to know you and your business.