Oil vs THC and CBD Vaporizer Cartridges

If you like to vape, you are probably aware of the big differences between the products available, from dried flowers to concentrates. Here we explain the differences between CBD and THC liquids and vape cartridges. Both of these products look extremely similar at first glance, but have key differences that make them unique Best Delta 8 Carts.

Nowadays, cannabis users are spoiled for choice on an immense variety of products available. And if such a colorful market offers almost endless options for consuming CBD and THC , things can easily get confusing, especially for those new to this field. With the advent of THC and CBD vape cartridges and oils, cannabis users now have a safer, more convenient and more discreet way to inhale cannabinoids.

THC and CBD Vaporizer Liquids and Cartridges: What’s the Difference?

While shopping for vape products, you’ve probably come across e-liquids and cartridges, and you’ve thought: what’s the difference? While these cannabis formulas are similar (in some cases, exactly identical), they can have distinct differences that could affect your purchase decision . Find out the most important differences below.

What is Vape Juice or E-liquid?

When you step into a niche vape shop, you will find vape juice on the counters. Typically used not for vaping cannabis, these formulas often contain nicotine and different flavors.

But some innovators in the cannabis industry have created e-liquids that contain elevated degrees of THC, CBD from the herb plant. These products have a base of purest form of compounds that compose of the majority of the drug, as well as flavorings and other additives that make each of them unique.

What Are Vape Cartridges?

The vape cartridges include cannabis oil. Premium trait THC cartridges are usually produced using CO₂ extraction , which extracts cannabinoids and terpenes and separates them from unwanted molecules. Vaporizer cartridges are typically found in specialty cannabis dispensaries and cannabis clubs, and are available in both CBD and THC options.

As we will explain further below, the main distinction between CBD / THC oils and vape cartridges are the additives used, the potency of the final product and perhaps most noteworthy: the names themselves.

E-liquid and CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD e-liquids and cartridges contain exactly that: CBD, along with terpenes and flavorings. These products do not generate psychotropic effects and instead offer an effect of mental clarity and clarity that maintains the normal functioning of the mind . This makes CBD oils and cartridges ideal for both daytime and evening use, and gives these products great versatility.