Long-lasting wood floor is the mayor of the house

Choosing the best wood floor in Lansing, MIor in any other part of this world is the most important and challenging decision you have to make in your interior. It is easier to change out a couch, a chair, or a desk, but a wood floor is a permanent fixture.

Choosing for a wood floor in Lansing, MI

So, where do you start? First, you need to decide the look you want to achieve in your home. Oak is a really popular choice right now, and a more plain board would lend itself to a more contemporary room. A select grade is a really good choice. Now, because it is quite hard, you will not see the scratches and dings as much. Whereas walnut is just a stunning piece of wood, it is often a little more temperamental. If you have a dog or even young children, it is probably not your best choice as it will scratch and ding more.

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Your oak can also be a number one grade, and it would have one to two knots per board, which would be more of a modern farmhouse look. A little bit more warm and rustic. If you want to choose something like fur or pine, the real softwoods will be a great option for you, and they will show the dings and scratches. Maybe you want to be able to see the character

of the wood, and you want to see the scratches and dings, considered character grade.

Cleaning of your wood floor

If properly maintained, wood flooring will last for decades. They need to be kept clean and free of the dust and debris that can scratch and ding the surface. High-traffic areas should be swept as often as possible. You can sweep the floors with a broom or use a disposable electrostatic mop. Using a vacuum is also an option.

However, you should only vacuum if your model features an on-off brush roll. Many models have a hard floor setting, which raises the vacuum and deactivates the brush roll to clean carpets. If active, the brush roll can scratch hardwood flooring.