Is dental implant surgery painful?

Let’s first take a look at the stages of dental implant surgery in Singapore.

Step 1: Give anesthesia. The procedure does not begin until the tooth area is completely paralyzed.

Step 2: Make room for the titanium column (artificial teeth) on the gums and jawbone. Our dentists use 3D computer plans to accurately place implants for predictable, permanent results.

Step 3: Insert and cap the message. During dental implants in Singapore in the next few months, a cap will be put on to ensure safety. Sometimes it may be necessary to sew 1 or 2 stitches to help the gums heal.

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The key to focusing here is the first step. It is a local anesthetic for paralysis.

Local anesthesia paralyzes the nerves around the dental implants singapore. Nervous palsy keeps you from expecting pain during the dental implantation process.

You may feel stressed out, but it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

You lose your teeth and the bones around you start to deteriorate. To get a good dental implant, you need enough bone to support the stack. So, depending on how long the tooth extraction takes, there may not be enough bone left.

If your teeth are missing in our office, we can help restore your bones with bone grafts. In this process, bone graft materials are used to create sufficient bone structure for the teeth.

The most important part of the whole dental implantation process is usually found under the roof of all those dental colleagues of Bill. Our dental implants Singapore dentists are trained to prepare, place and restore smiles.