Get an adventurous feel in Melbourne by visiting Kangaroos

Whenever you plan for a trip to Melbourne don’t miss visiting the Kangaroos, it gifts you the best adventures feel and let you call to the world of wonder. Here are some of the fascinating places where you can see the Kangaroos in the wild near Melbourne

Gresswell Forest is located 20km north of Melbourne and this is a cute patch of Aussie bush. This little area would have 200 Eastern Grey Kangaroos. This forest would have a cute short walking trail there you are not likely going to see out a kangaroo on the track but here you are going to search the lush green grass where you can easily find them. There the trick that you have to follow is to walk out off the trail and into the bush.

Plenty Gorge and this park are fully covered up with surprises. There you can find out a walking path where you would be taken to where the kangaroos are, ideally there you need a car for visiting this spot. If not then you can use the train and then walk to the bus for getting an entry to the park.

kangaroos in the wild near melbourne

What are the other interesting places to meet Kangaroo?

When you are searching out for some other places to meet kangaroo then the westerfolds parks suits perfect, here you can able to see the kangaroo close to Melbourne. It is located in the North-East part of Melbourne.

In Lysterfield park you can find out the roos were lying under the trees that are staying out of the heat when you visit there early or late there you can find out they often grazing at the open as a warm welcome note.