Detailed information about dental implants procedure

A dental implant is animportant type of tooth treatment used for replacing a missing or damaged tooth. It entails the use of implants, which are titanium-made root devices that resemble a set of teeth or a single tooth, in the restoration process. Dental implants are typically strong, robust, and resembles natural teeth in terms of actions and appearance. There are various stages in implantes dentales barcelona procedures they are


Before starting the implant procedure, planning is important for the process that helps in finding the correct implant for the structures and shape of the teeth bone. Root canal failure, mouth trauma, congenital abnormalities, tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive tooth wear can use implants will correct these issues.

Fundamental dental implants procedure:

The bone is prepared for optimum implant placement in this stage using precision drills or hand osteotomies with a highly controlled pace to prevent pressure necrosis or some cases of bone burning. Crowns or a cap may be mounted on the implant after a short period to allow bone growth on the implant surface.

Main Procedure for dental implants:

This stage entails carefully drilling a pilot hole into the edentulous jaw site (without teeth) to avoid essential structures such as the mental foramen and the inferior alveolar nerve inside the mandible. Drilling usually entails several moves. When expanding the pilot hole with progressively larger drills depending on the width and duration of the implant, great care should be taken to avoid overheating the bone cells or osteoblasts.

Incisions made during surgery:

This stage includes making a flap by cutting safely over the crest of the place where the implant will be mounted. According to studies, the flapless treatment reduces the time it takes for a dental implant to heal.

Time takes to recover:

Usually, the amount of time allowed for the implant to recoverbefore placement of restoration mainly depends upon practitioners. In general, recovery takes 2 to 6 months, though studies show that loading the implant earlier does not speed up long or short-term complications; however, loading the implant earlier can increase the risk of failure.

Surgical periods:

Many methods can be used to insert animplantes dentales barcelona after a tooth has been extracted, including immediate, delayed, and late post-extraction implant placement. Immediate post-extraction implant placement occurs within two to three weeks after the tooth has been extracted, while delayed post-extraction implant placement occurs three months or more after the tooth has been extracted.