Choosing the Right Type of Wallpaper for Each Room

Choosing the right wallpaper design is an important thing; it takes time and cost to get the perfect look you want. Thus, whether you select the beautiful wallpapers to beautify your walls or choose to paint them in a traditional way, you have to ensure your decision is the right and informed one.

Manufacturers are recreating wallpaper with a few beneficial characteristics such as blocking of WiFi waves, protecting the walls during earthquakes, and for the lighting purposes just by incorporating LEDs. The wallpaper techniques today have evolved from the woodblock printing to digital printing, so make sure you find the right type of wallpaper singapore.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is a highly popular choice when it comes to wall coverings because of its versatility. They are simple to install, remove, and clean. There’re some different choices of the vinyl based wallpaper that depends on needs of your room that you want to beautify.

Printed Wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper is used and accessible in various patterns and colors. Digitally-printed paper is cheaper compared to hand-printed ones, and can also be mass-produced; however it can be torn vey easily. Printing ink used is water-based, thus it would be better not to be used in the kitchens or bathrooms.

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PVC/coated vinyl

Another affordable wallpaper option out there, this type of wallpaper is resistant to moisture as it is forms layer of the acrylic sprayed and coated over the paper base. But, designs for such kind of the wallpaper will not have the refined look.

Paper-backed vinyl

Base paper has got liquid vinyl coated on it where design can be printed. Often it is wipeable and resists moisture and are much cheaper compared to other options out there.

Solid Sheet Vinyl

Solid sheet type of vinyl wallpaper is considered to be a durable option due to its easy cleaning, thickness, as well as removal. The solid sheet vinyl often is embossed that adds to the print beauty.

Textile Wallpaper

These types of wallpapers are made with the natural fibers that are layered to the paper and acrylic backing.  They’re durable, beautiful, and have the strong dimension. The synthetic textile gives different look but isn’t the laminated wall covering.  They’re highly durable and appropriate for the high traffic areas. The natural textile paper is the premium product and needs experienced installer just to ensure that paper is applied correctly.