Why we should include vegetables in a healthy diet?

What should a healthy plate have, beyond the diet we eat?The answers is more vegetable. In this article we are going to talk about vegetables. Click here for cat mountain king durian.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet means complete at the level of nutrients according to your physiological state or your pathological state (if you are going through a disease).

The diet is not a label, but that which you eat over the length of a day

It is important to have a global approach to our healthy eating.Not giving so much importance to the food itself, but to the whole of our diet.And even if you have not done it perfectly at your dinner, if you have moved, you have rested well, you have managed your emotions well, all of this is equal to or more important than your diet.

Vegetables must be included in a healthy dish

The first thing we can do to transform our diet, whatever the line we follow, is to eat more vegetables. And although it seems a cliché and that it is too seen, we do not pay attention to it.Put your vegetables into breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s the basis.

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If our plate is made up of half vegetables, just by changing that in our menu we already have a lot of livestock in pursuit of our health and it will have a great impact on our diet as a whole.Click here for cat mountain king durian.

Why we hate vegetables?

We don’t know how to cook vegetables and that’s why we don’t like them. That is why we need to accompany them with cheeses, sauces or flavorings so that they taste something to us.If we want to eat more vegetables, we have to learn to cook them. So that the experience to the palate and the rest of the senses is pleasant.

Resources that can help us to eat more vegetables

  • To buy a larger plate
  • Try different ways of eating a vegetable – until we find a way, we like it.
  • Serve fish or meat with vegetables
  • Present the dish which looks magnificent

Let us remember that an important function of food is pleasure, that the dishes seduce us.