Why Reporter workshop Is necessary

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Mobile journalism is now the present

Journalists, televisions, companies providing video services, and even Hollywood filmmakers convince themselves to make smart phones, not to mention video bloggers. We are even talking about a new type of journalism – mobile journalism (English mobile journalism, providence court reporters.

Sympathy and perfection. Person advises on how to control the audience

Can you learn brilliance and personal charm? Why singing on the bus can help you prepare a good presentation? And how to train to capture the feelings of the audience?

On the art of public speaking.”

Public appearances are like driving a car – championships are gained in practice. However, it is also worth having a good instructor and advisor, especially at the beginning. providence court reporters.

Providence Court Reporters

How to plan a topic and measure the effectiveness of publication

How to measure the effectiveness of marketing and public relations? How to achieve the planned ranges, and what tools to use to optimize work? The answer to all these questions is provided by the report”

 Learn to write according to Google policies [LINK]

Why should you build search engine friendly titles? How to properly create SEO titles? How to write a Google-friendly and readable article? SEO positioning training teaches you how to write to the Internet so that Google wants to display content in high positions. [Self-promotion]

Readability, i.e., readability of the text. Tools for the journalist

Even the most substantive content must be presented in an accessible and attractive form. First, let the recipient be able to understand it. Secondly, make it eye-friendly. In both cases, the machines can help. Here are some tools for measuring the readability of the text that will be useful to every journalist.

Freelancer and security. Five tips for working remotely

Cyber ​​threats are lurking everywhere. Working remotely, we send a lot of files and information to the office. As the world becomes ever more connected, the spread of remote workers will increase, leading to more ills. How to protect yourself from online threats?

How to become a blogger and myths about earnings in the blogosphere

Some call them the fifth authority. Every day they comment on the surrounding reality, share their passions and knowledge, advice, and sometimes even invite you to your life. The blogosphere is already heavily saturated, especially with lifestyle and culinary themes, so what counts above all is a fresh and unusual idea.

How to create content for mobile devices

When preparing a mobile strategy, you should know that users search on smart phones and tablets mainly: news, tips, contact with others, gossip, entertainment, and content that is consistent with their interests.