Tips to help you get more YouTube views

YouTube is an American video sharing platform. Its headquarters are in California. Later Google bought the site d now it’s a subsidiary of Google. You can also make money on YouTube by posting videos. You need to sign up for an AdSense account which tracks how many views your video gets. It also depends on the number of clicks the ads shown during the video gets.

Every channel on YouTube is required to have at least one thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time every year. The return can be little in the beginning however with time as the channel gets more popular the returns increase. On an average for a video with one million views, you can earn $300 to $2000 from ads.

You can buy youtube views to start earning instantly. Further, there are a few tips and strategies to increase YouTube views. Let’s have a look at them.


A strong title is the most effective way to attract audiences. It serves the purpose of informing the audiences of what the video is really about. It should not be misleading. Also the search engine looks for relevance. So its very important to use interesting keywords. To conduct keyword research we can use the keyword planner or other keyword research tools. This is an effective way to hell you get more views for your video.

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A YouTube thumbnail makes your content stand out. The thumbnail is what the viewer will first see when they start browsing. Your thumbnail image can positively change your YouTube views. You must use high quality images that are engaging so that it draws viewers to view your video and eventually like it.

Post links on social media platforms:

Posting links of your videos on social media platform is called cross- platform promotion. It can drive the users to view your videos easily. You can share the link in the description of your profile or as a post on the page. This way you can push traffic from social media to YouTube.

However it is only good content in your video which is the deciding factor for the sustained number of views your videos will get. Good content is contagious. It will soon be recognised and rewarded. Be patient. It takes time for your foundation to be laid on YouTube. YouTube has its own standards of quality video content. Work on building a strong subscriber base and it will work wonders for you in the long run.