Master prepaid card eliminate the need to carry cash!

Perhaps you have never run your own business, so my situation may be worse than yours. My business sank and took my personal credit rating and access to bank accounts. What he left for me was just an opportunity to pay bills. Queue and queues at the post office.

You do not understand how fantastic a direct debit service is, as long as you cannot have it anymore. Try to go painfully to the post office, get in line and then realize that you forgot the salary letter. Then, when you get home, find the thing, painfully return to the post office and again in the queue. Who knew that a trip to the post office required the strategic thinking of an MBA master class? And no matter what post office you visit, everyone closes the shelves, as the number of people in the queue increases.

OK, nobody likes accounts. They arrive, you can complain about it; You can protest against this. And you still have to pay. Here is the deal though. You can call the company, hold the phone on hold and go through the annoying menu items, and then pay by vanilla prepaid mastercard. Direct, simple, almost painless!

Vanilla visa gift card

But the loss of your credit or debit card, the surgical removal of direct debits, and you will have money left. No one can think of a way to submit dollar bills over a telephone line. And your computer does not have a slot. You must leave your home, leave home and pay.

At first, when everything fell apart, no one gave me a bank account. Then I was allowed to open an account in which I could pay and withdraw cash. Just. No cards, no automatic payments, standing orders, and everything else. Literally a bucket to save money!

Now, while visiting the post office, I was able to upload enough money to the card to pay the bills, and I had an excess to become a real man and invite my wife to dinner. Well, maybe Danny isn’t considered dinner. But I had a credit card in my back pocket.