Dismantling the myth: online games help to be better students

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It has benefits

One of the great problems that today the world of videogames has to continue to suffer is that electronic leisure is negative. However, each time these walls begin to tear down and show that video games are not only a healthy entertainment mode but also help the person to obtain other benefits. This could be due to the game mode of the video game. One of the latest studies supporting this theory comes from the RMIT University of Melbourne that shows thatVideo games help students be better and improve their skills in fields such as mathematics or science.

online games help to be better students

The study that has been published in the ‘International Journal of Communication’ shows that online games were beneficial for teenagers who played them and according to the words of the experts,  “the video games in which you have to go solving puzzles to move to the next level they involve some general knowledge and skills in math, reading and science . “

The University of Melbourne has conducted a research with a sample of 12,000 adolescents to reach this conclusion resulting in an improvement in the scores of student players between 15 and 17%. The negative side comes from another significant data that is extracted from the study, social networks on the contrary decrease the capacities.Go to Initials Games for free spins and coins.

Use the online game to improve teaching

The study recommends that teachers include in their classes this type of online games since it would be beneficial for the student.  In this way you can discern how to exploit the capabilities of the games and be able to apply them to the core subjects that every student should know. The proposal is not trivial because there are already some schools in the world that have taken a leap and adopt new technologies to the student field. However, not all parents and students would be willing to have the world of videogames mixed with the world of teaching even though, as has been shown, it could even be beneficial for students.

So, to conclude

From the University of RMIT they recommend the reduction of the use of social networks. The conclusion is always clear: everything in its right measure is good. In addition, thanks to studies like this, day by day the world of videogames is losing the stigma that has been so unfairly gained.