Various Geles Constructores You Should Know And Try

Geles Constructores or Gel Builder prevailed in the market much earlier than semi-permanent coatings. They are a standard for building and lengthening the nail safely, impeccably and instantly. Its duration is monthly and provides a “filling” once the natural nail has grown. Gels are cut into single phase and three phases; monophasic are those that already carry in their composition the gel base (Power Base) and the brightness (High Gloss) and it is not required to apply them separately; the three-phase ones, in return, demand the application of base of gel Power Base and the light layer of shine High Gloss. The use of the Primer is necessary; It is an adherent and dehydrating nail that is used on top of the natural nail before applying the builder gel. They concentrate in both LED and UV lamps.

Once, an individual nail is made with gel, it is recommended with the two ways to observe manicure. The first would be to use semi-permanent color (two layers) and complete with semi-permanent. Top or apply gel colors and end with High Gloss gel shine. The gel colors come in a 5ml form and serve the same numbers and colors as semi-permanent enamels.

Geles Constructores Products

Different Geles Constructores Products

UV Gel Semilac Intensive Pink Color 5ml. The tonality of the gel color is equally as in the semi-permanent palette. Two very thin layers are applied on top of the builder gel with a unique brush (not included). Each layer needs to be dried in a lamp and applied to the High Gloss finisher.

Steps in Constructing a Gel

  1. In order to make the nails with gel constructor an individual needs Semilac products, a little commitment to gain experience and understand the steps that are recommended. Never forget to retain hygiene in every workplace; always cleans the hands and nails of the clients. Can apply the gel only on healthy nails and not penetrated by diseases. Remove the cuticles with a metallic pusher or orange stick, it can soften them previously with the Semilac Cuticle Remover product and those that stand out piece with cutters.
  2. Using the file Semilac Quality 100/180 allows to give shape to the natural nail and tint it with the polishing pad. Next, ungreased the nail with Nail Cleaner covered in a cellulose disc. Apply a very little amount of Primer Con Ácido and we expect it to fade. Put the design with precision either Wide or Slim. If using a three-phase gel the next step would be to use a layer of Power Base, if it is a single phase it is not required. Dry in the lamp and utilize a layer of gel constructor in all the nail.
  3. Apply a second layer of builder gel delivering it the main shape since the next step, after drying it in a lamp, is to ungrease the nail with Nail Cleaner and distribute it the desired shape with a file 100/180 Semilac Quality.