To which NGO to donate? 6 criteria to take into account

One of the main reasons to choose an NGO to donate to is the economic one. Knowing that the money reaches who needs it and how it is distributed will help you to know that it is the correct NGO. Therefore, make sure that the NGO publishes its annual accounts and its financing and consults at the bottom of its web page which organizations credit this information.

Money and percentage of aid allocated to land

Within your funding, Nonprofit donation forms you will see what percentage of the money raised goes to projects and emergencies.

The objective of an NGO that fights to protect refugees will be to maximize the aid that is sent to the refugees to have a greater impact and alleviate the root problem.

economic donations

Is it better to donate money or donate in kind?

  • When the aid goes beyond your country, to other countries or territories in an emergency situation, economic donations are the only way to:
  • Minimize the cost of transport and avoid customs fees.
  • Favor the economy of countries in conflict and neighboring countries that host thousands of refugees to create a sustainable system of production and consumption.
  • Achieve the most efficient costs on a large scale.
  • Adjust the logistics to the needs without depending on the availability of the individuals when an emergency erupts to arrive in the first 72 hours.

Is a larger NGO or a small one better?

  • A large NGO makes it possible to have a greater impact at a global level, be more efficient in logistics and send aid to where it is most needed according to the needs.
  • On the other hand, smaller NGOs that work at the local level are those that know the environment best and are more specialized in certain areas of action.

Tax relief: ensure the issuance of your tax certificate

From 2016, each year you can deduct 75% of the first 150 € donated on your income tax return. For that, the NGO or foundation to which you are going to donate must be of public utility,

The cause: where is my money most needed?

In recent years, the number of refugees in the world has increased to historic figures, becoming the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. And although the solidarity of individuals has been increasing, needs have grown at a higher rate.