This is a world of approximately seven billion people, and almost every other person, has their own personal set of talent. Talents are what that make you unique and give you a form of self-expression. Looking at the current economy, low pay and frustrating deadlines, it doesn’t look that bad to have a real talent, and actually make an income out of it. Afterall, there are a very few people who get money to do something they’re good at. You’d be lucky to be one of them.


Spotify is an online music app that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere. There’s another feature of Spotify, that makes it different from any other music app: It allows new artists to upload their music on the app and collect revenue off of it, if it is bought by any Spotify customer. Spotify allows its customers two ways to use the app, as a free user or as a paid premium user. If you’re a paid premium user, the benefits that you get are worth the money. Premium users enjoy an ad free unlimited experience and can sometime listen to offline music on their Spotify app, which unfortunately free users cannot. You can call Spotify to be the social media for music creators and lovers.


Well, as I have mentioned before, Spotify is the best social media platform to showcase your singing talents. There are several reasons why you should promote your music on Spotify, the main reason being that you can actually earn from it. The revenues might seem really low to you if you’re a first-time user, and it can get difficult to survive just with your Spotify income in the beginning.


But there’s a second benefit that can tempt you to upload and promote your music on Spotify. Through Spotify, you can make you music reach the perfect audience, for either very less or no amount of money. This can help you gain a number of followers, and recognition for your musical talent. If anyone buys real Spotify plays, which are created by you, it not only gets you an income, but helps you promote your music with very little effort. It also makes your music a topic of discussion, if your music successfully inspires your new listener. With every person that buys real Spotify plays, you walk another step towards your final destination, which is global recognition for your talent.


With every person that buys real Spotify plays that are made by new and unique artists, the future of global musical talent takes another leap of faith. It creates an artist out of rubble, and makes you the first listener of his unique music.