Safety in the playground

Playgrounds are one of the means to keep children active and healthy. These are places where kids can run, jump, climb, slide and play with their classmates.

Adults and educators should ensure that children are safe at the playground. Most injuries are caused by falling structures, but can also occur when a child gets stuck or cuts on poorly maintained equipment or does not meet Standards Association (CSA) standards for play structures

Security in back court play facilities

Most playground facilities for backyards include slides, swings and climbing structures. Remember that your installation must be based on a layer of soft material deep enough to partially absorb the impact of a fall. Sand or wood chips are the safest options. A grassy ground and the ground offer less protection because they can harden over time.

playground equipment

Safety at fountains with water jets and wading pools

When children play in 안전놀이터 with jets of water fountains or wading pools, there is invariably a risk of drowning. Make sure at all times that children see you and you are within reach, especially if they are under five. Water is an attraction for these young children, but they are not old enough to understand the risks involved, nor are their abilities limited.

To remember

  • Examine the playground equipment to identify sharp areas or dangerous surfaces.
  • Teach your child the safety rules to follow and how to behave with caution.
  • Avoid going down the slides with your toddler. It is safer to let children slide alone.
  • Remove all clothing, including your bike helmet, from your child, who may get caught in playground structures.
  • Watch your child at all times, whether at a public playground, water fountains or in your backyard.
  • Always wash your child’s hands and yours as they come back from the playground.

Walking to the park is a great way for parents and kids to get some fresh air and get some exercise. Going to the park can be a very fun outdoor physical activity as long as parents and children do not forget the importance of safety.

Supervise your child

  • Stay close to your child. An adult must be present at all times to supervise children under 5 years old.
  • Make sure your child uses the structures safely and properly.
  • Teach your child to watch other children and use the play structures in turn.