Getting To Know Ashley Black, The Inventor Of FasciaBlaster®

If you have heard about FasciaBlaster® but you do not know where it came from or how it came about, then you should meet Ashley Black. Fascia blasting is becoming more and more popular these days and the tool that made this a possibility was created by Ashley Black – the fasciablaster®.

What Is Fascia Blasting?

In the last couple of years, fascia treatment became very popular. What experts believe is that the fascia or the myofascial tissue contributes to pain as well as cellulite when they are tight. This is what fascia manipulation can help with. This is called fascia blasting. This is a technique used to loosen the fascia using physical manipulation and pressure. Fascia blasting has become a trend in health and wellness.

Meet  Ashley Black

When Ashley Black was younger, she was diagnosed with aggressive Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). She would experience waves of extreme pain all throughout her childhood. In fact, she spends her younger years in and out of the doctors’ clinic. She was also told that she might need a wheelchair when she reached 25.

She didn’t want this to be her fate which is why even at a young age, she tried to develop her own coping mechanisms in order to control the debilitating pain. She found that food charting, taking hot and cold baths, doing stretching and self-massage, as well as strength training were very effective to manage pain.

She stopped relying on her medications during her teens and she knew that there is a better way to cope with her condition. Black knew that she just needs to find out what it is. After some time, she developed a love for sports and despite her condition, she became a competitive athlete during her college years. She also started teaching fitness classes in a week.

The Making Of FasciaBlaster® fasciablaster

She started to discover that the structural limitations in her body were the ones causing her pain. This was because of the intense constrictions of the sheets of connective tissues. Fascia connects, envelopes, and protects the joints, organs, muscles, and other systems of the body.

Through her experience and experimentation, she was able to develop a fusion of soft tissue therapy, body mechanics, core activation techniques, and fascia stretching in order to have a holistic approach to achieve wellness, improved self-performance, and fast recovery. All of these contributed to the created of what is considered as the new realm in science called “Fasciology.”

When the FasciaBlaster® was made, Black and his team knew that the other techniques like rolling, cupping, and blading are slow when it comes to seeing progress. There were also tools marketed for fascia but Black learned that none of them was able to palpate the fascia the way the FasciaBlaster® could. After the product was released in the market, many people learned about it. This is why professional athletes and other celebrities also benefited from the device.

So what are you waiting for? If you too are having problems with your fascia, then you should also consider using the amazing tool that Ashley Black discovered, FasciaBlaster®.