Getting Right Help From Marijuana

As the marijuana legalization spreads & stigma recedes, the older narratives to claim that cannabis and copulation do not mix are now falling out. Right now, many marijuana lube products are available on internet, and there is not any end to the claims that the weed improves sex, in spite of research that draws more nuanced conclusions. Although it is unclear if cannabis goods actually make sex better and bigger-picture studies recommend that combination of marijuana and sex will have some major implications for the demographics & public policy.

Do Complete Research

Advice that marijuana lube can help with the sexual issues is opposite to what people believed once. Common hypothesis was marijuana will lead to the poorer sexual function, or some studies suggest that the marijuana will disrupt menstrual cycle, decrease sperm quality, and make it tough to reach orgasm in women. However, there are many testimonials from the people who say that cannabis lube prolongs orgasm as well as cannabis tampons can relieve their period pain. For many lubes, is it just the hype or true response? An only way you will know is when you study about it. But, we have some studies because it is notoriously tough to do research by using marijuana.

marijuana lube

Know the Effects

We do not know who and under what circumstances such products will help, and although they do work, this can be not clear why. For instance, plenty of weed lubes have got coconut oil, thus how will we know it is cannabis or not just coconut oil, which is effective? Does applying marijuana as the lubricant make it very effective than consuming this directly? Potential negative effects are unclear.

Clear out the Things

Although it is not difficult evidence that supports sex-enhancing allegation of the products, some research suggests that marijuana will lead to a little more time in sack. For instance, women who have consumed marijuana every week had 34% more sex than one who did not; and number was 22% more for the men. Information is self-reported that makes it not much reliable. It is possible that people who are smoking marijuana are people who just have a little more sex to start with. Still, best part about this study is we can look at different demographic groups, which are based on ethnicity and race, education level and marital status. Thus, these are a few important things that you need to know about before using marijuana or other products.