Essential Styles of Shirts

From ancient latched collars and wings to unfolding and fastening, there is a male shirt collar model for every occasion. Understanding what they are, how and where to wear this signature shirt for men, you can be experienced anyway.

  1. Front of the shirt – to have a pocket or not

In addition to a piece of fabric, most shirts have a visible front, with no other parts besides breast pockets. Fashionable shirts are usually decorated with darts or decorative handicrafts. However, this is not a classic.

  1. Shirts without pockets (formal)

Some men want to have a shirt pocket; others are not. Traditionally, an oversized shirt size 22 with a pocket was continuously less formal than one, while not, because as a result, the gentleman did not have to work and, in fact, would wear a jacket, he would not use his shirt pocket.

oversized shirt

  1. Shirts with 1 pocket (unofficial)

On the other hand, someone engaged in physical labor used a pocket to store things during work. Today it is strange to have things or a clip for a pen in a breast pocket, in fact this is a great rhetorical choice.

  1. Shirts with 2 pockets (terribly informal)

The chest pocket on both sides is extremely simple and usually designed for very casual shirts such as campaigns, military or western shirts.

  1. Polos

People like the “middle” quality that the poles have: a soft neck with a piece of fabric and buttons that are not so simple. These breathable shirts have gauze or pile cloth that makes your body appear because it is. They are designed with shabby short sleeves that hold tight to each hand.