Aircon Service – Things To Look For While Hiring the Aircon Contractor

Every office and home today has installed one or multiple aircon unit in their premises. Air conditioning has actually become an integral part of our lives, although we don’t give a lot of thought into it. When you go out for shopping, all centers will be air-conditioned. When the weather is hot, you are desperately looking for the air-conditioning area to cool yourself. Now, as we are overly-dependent on AC, some aircon contractors make use of this opportunity of maximizing their profits in the most unethical ways. Thus, let me share three things to check out for while you are hiring the aircon contractor:

Ensure that your AC contractor cleans the air conditioner in a right way by making use of right chemicals. There’re the harmful moulds that grow in your AC fan coils. When contractor cleans the fan coils with the vacuum or brush, they loosen the spores from fan coil units. The loosened mould spores are blown in the air & you can breathe in your lungs. It is very harmful for your health, so you have to ensure that the contractor doesn’t do this. Look for the right kind of the cleaning chemical used while cleaning your AC unit. At times, the AC contractor might not use this because he maintains his bottom line. It is a part of their strategy to get some more service jobs from you.

An aircon servicing will include things such as washing and cleaning filters, cleaning evaporator coil, checking out condenser unit, cleaning blower wheel, drain pan and fan blade, flushing drain pipe & checking for noise problems. Wonderful expertise of this highly trained, skilled and motivated staff fulfills all requirements of their customer with the total commitment. They will work on & with most of the brands in the market. They may install & service indoor or outdoor units, casement units and window units.

aircon servicing

Technicians politely & readily answer any queries that a customer might have about their service & condition of the unit. They also believe in the preventative maintenance. By preventing the water leaking they can improve cooling performance of the unit, prolong the life of your unit and save customer money even before they realize that it is saved. Some other benefits include breathing fresh and clean air of an AC. The chemical cleaning is also one way that can help the AC in the business or residence.