How To Write A Good Academic Essay

The academic essay is the academic writing which could be for an assignment or project, research or for journal publications. Mostly academic essays are assignments asked at college or university. An essay generally provides an idea about a topic with one’s own ideas and with real evidences which must be extended throughout the essay.

For writing a good essay one must definitely work on it. But by following some tips a good academic essay can be created whether the time required for writing the essay is short or you have enough time.


Following some steps can clear doubts and guides the approach for writing an essay whether it is for the first time or you have given a writing already. These steps can help writers get a good and meaningful essay.


The first and foremost thing to be done for stating an essay is that you must choose a topic for your work. Sometimes if the writing is for a college assignment you will be given with a topic then think about the way to present your topic and analyse it.


Once you have the topic of the essay the next is to think about the body of it. Collect the information from all the resources you have. Library, internet, journals, some good books can help you with this task. Make sure the content you have is all relevant to the topic and is true.


Know which type of essay you are expected to present form all the types of academic essays. Generally academic essays are of 4 types.

Narrative- A narrative writing tells a story of real-life personality or experience.

Descriptive-A descriptive writing explains or describes a particular event or place one have been to or it can of a person.

Expository- In expository type of essay the writer presents the facts about the topic, using evidences, examples. Writers own ideas should not be presented in such type.

Persuasive-In persuasive type of writing the writer convinces the reader on his own arguments towards the topic with logic and reasoning by using facts, examples.


With all the true evidences and information you have, think your own way developing your own ideas by brain storming and critical thinking which helps you give your argument about the topic.


Pick a thesis statement from all your ideas. Choose one idea which best suites the topic and give a thesis statement to your essay. The thesis statement gives the reader a prior idea on what your point is and brief idea about your essayhave. Generally a thesis statement is one or two lines long. Your idea supporting the evidences makes the reader interesting.


Plan your essay by putting all the ideas and evidences you have. Give your main ides in sentence form wish support the evidences while the rest of the content describes more about the idea.


Give an appropriate title for the essay. Your title counts for your work. When the body and content of the essay is great and if the title did not support your topic, your hard work might go in vain. So choose an appropriate title.


To give an effective essay a proper introduction must be given with at least five paragraphs. As the first paragraph goes with the introduction, you can give your basic idea in introduction. Next are the paragraphs which are going to be your arguments about the topic. The main ideas are given in here with the evidences.  You can give your positive arguments followed by negative but supporting the evidences.


Finally the conclusion comes in. a conclusion must summarise the points of your essay. Put your main ideas together. An essay which is concluded by questioning

Looks great and makes the readers think about your arguments.


When you are done with the writing part make sure you put all your ideas by re-reading the essay. Check for spellings and grammar mistakes if you might have done any. Also check punctuation marks, structure of the sentences. Do not use any short cut language. Do not try to put all the unnecessary information which makes the essay clumsy and you essay is likely to be ignored.

Follow the given steps and you can give a great essay!