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If your vehicle keys have been lost or stolen then our company will reimburse you the cost as we will replace the keys. The labour cost is included in the covered costs as we are ready to replace the keys. The detailed exclusions are provided in the complete list and you can also refer the policy wordings. The outer geographical area will incur or sustain the liabilities of any accidental damages. The customers who want to know more about the business it support services offered by our company can just fill out the form available on our website. You will get extra assistance with your comprehensive coverage and you can also check out the add-ons offered by our company. The engine secure cover will be applicable as per your schedule.

Images to the tyres and tubes:

The replacement or repair expenses will be paid our company if there is any loss or damage. The limitations and exceptions of the policy for business it support will vary based on the terms and conditions. You can feel free to contact us on our toll-free number if you want to know about our add-ons. The damages to the tyres and tubes can be covered with the replacement and repair expenses. The centre of the thread is measured in order to know about the unused tread depth. The purpose of arriving should be taken into consideration for the minimum measurements at different places. The basis of indemnity under the coverage will include the arrival of the mean tread depth. The replaced tyre should be superior to the damaged tyre even if the similar specification is not available for the tyre.

Loss or damage for the vehicle:business it support

The period of insurance can be allowed with a maximum of four replacements. The difference of depreciation percentage can be restricted based on the liability applied for the cover. The inscription of the policy can be done if there is any loss or damage within the first 15 days. The wide range of the services offered at our company will offer help for the customers within the geographical territory. You must ensure to take care of your vehicle by facilitating the services offered at our company. The services will subject to the regulations by providing the best efforts locally. The personal effects may occur along with the loss or damage during the service performances.