League Of Legends

Every game that’s being developed or is in a state of constant improvement has some kind of a test server. That’s where the developers present the newest features they want to add to the game and analyze the reaction of their player base to the changes implemented and the way they affect different aspects of the game, and different technical problems that occur during the implementation of these features.

League of Legends is one of the games that use such test servers. PBE (or Public Beta Environment) is available for players to check out the newest features the game might gain. However, should you actually join or would it be better to play a game on a regular server?

Pros and Cons of PBE

There are lots of great reasons for you to start a PBE account. The most common arguments are:

League Of Legends

  • You will be able to experience all the newest features first;
  • The account is set on the level 30 from the get-go, so you can experience the game to its fullest;
  • Every day you get a certain amount of in-game currency, so you don’t have to worry about the grind to unlock new champions or skins.

However, playing on the test server has some disadvantages. Among the most frequent problems are:

  • The rush of players after the implementation of new features can cause lag;
  • Matchmaking is not always as reliable as during the game on the main server;
  • If you’re not from America, you can experience a high ping because of the location of the test server.

How To Get A PBE Account In LoL?

If you don’t know how to get PBE account LoL offers a couple ways to do it. Firstly, you can request such an account for free from the Riot Games website. However, it will require for your main League of Legends account to fit some criteria. If your account doesn’t fit them or you want to start playing PBE without a direct link to your main account, you can always purchase an account to start playing on a test server right away, without any background check. So, make your choice and start trying out the newest LoL features right now!

Final Thoughts

Playing in PBE has both pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide whether experiencing the latest additions to the game is more important than the occasional lag. Playing on main servers offers a pretty full experience, but if you want to get something more unique out of this game, start your own PBE account right now!



There is no doubting the fact that GTA, also known as Grand Theft Auto has taken the world by storm with its amazing gaming options and player interface. After its fifth version was recently released, the game has achieved heights in terms of worldwide reach, faithful follower base and a great gaming experience.

One prime problem that all users face while playing gta 5 hack is the limited options to earn money through missions and extra tasks. In the entire set up of the game, you have to keep spending a lot of money to complete tasks or avail the complete variety of services in the game, like buying a house. Therefore, in cases where you can earn a little more money without going out of your way, GTA V becomes a whole new gaming experience?


The aforesaid benefits can be availed in a game through GTA V money glitch. But what is a glitch? A glitch can be defined as any physical hiccup in the gameplay, which results in an unusual or unexpected outcome. For example, stopping in the middle, shaky virtual or graphic movements in the game, or anything that does not appear to be natural or organic. This is a very common occurrence as the programming of the game can sometimes go wrong. But the best part of this concept is that a player, who has some experience in the game, can exploit such glitches and use them to turn the game around in his favour!

The GTA 5 money hack is the same kind of glitch. It can be activated in two different ways, either manually or through third party apps. Manually activating or exploiting a glitch takes a lot of effort, and only people with adequate experience and practice can do this successfully. However, apps or softwares available on the internet can do it easily in a few steps. These steps are generally:

  • Search for a website that lets you use the glitch feature, under the GTA 5 money glitch search option. You can use operative words such as GTA money hack as well.
  • Choose your operating system (generally available for iOS and Android)
  • Download the app (only for app-based services)
  • Register or type in your username, which can be found from the game’s settings menu.
  • Enter the amount of GTA online money you want encashed to your account, along with the RP.
  • Complete a one stop verification process and you can insert clickable photos with link.

Getting your hands on some gta 5 money cheat  has never been easier! Why go any other way to get extra points and money when it is literally just one click away? Look for money glitch websites and make your gameplay more exciting.

Android games and apps for free

In the present time, most of the smartphone users are using Android platform because of so many options for entertainment and good communication. Android is open source platform available for the Smartphones and Tablets all over the world. If you also like to enjoy the exciting games and functional applications in your Android smartphone, you will get a complete range of games as per your choice. However, some of the best games and apps are only available with paid version and every smartphone user can’t afford to pay for some of the best apps and games for the smartphone. If you do not want to pay anything for paid applications and games in your smartphone, they are various ways to download top paid android games and apps for free. Here are some of the methods how to get most of the exciting games and applications for free:

games and applications for free

Use of Google rewards:

In your smartphone, you just need to install the application of Google rewards. They provide various kinds of surveys for the service users and if you are completing thesurvey, they will give you reward points for it. By collecting these reward points, you will be able to use it on the PlayStore to purchase paid applications and games. It will be avery good option when you want agenuine version of the mobile apps in Android without paying money for it.

Visit third party websites:

A large number of third-party websites are available where they provide cracked versions of paid apps and games for the mobile users. It is always important to find a good website where you can find all the required games and Android apps without any kind of security threats. At some of the websites, there is a big risk of the viruses but if you are visiting a trusted website, you will easily download top paid android games and apps for free without spending anything for it.

At the Play Store of your Android device, you will find some applications where you will find options to download thepaid version of Android games and apps without paying anything for it. You just need to make some research about some of the reliable websites where they provide download options for all Android apps for free. By using this method, the users will be able to get and enjoy all the applications and games without paying anything for it.

Discovering Brawl Stars APK for your Android device

Brawl Stars is a great game, it’s not the most graphic heavy game but it’s also its strength given that it doesn’t need a ton of RAM to run smoothly and it’s a strategy game. It’s not for the people that never use their minds to conquer their opponents, because of this many people has come to love this game and more and more people has now been playing it.

But there’s a big problem, for now (sadly) it’s only available in iOS device (yeah the iPhone). It does suck, right? Just like Pokémon Go, Mario Run, and many more games. All of it seems to go to Apple first before venturing on Android. A few days is forgivable but weeks? Months? No one can wait that long with their sanity intact! it is what it is, we can only speculate on why they did it in iOS first but worry not Android users because just like a dark tunnel, there is a light at the end of it, and it’s in a form of APK.

APK: APK is not known in the Android platform and it’s often associated with leaks and the “black ops” stuff. It’s part of that, but as many people didn’t know APK is actually a format, a type of file that can be used in various gadgets (tablets, desktop, laptop, mobile device) and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other OS out there. The only reason that you use APK files is in order for you to have something an app not available in the play store, an update that is not in the game and much more, some are illegal and some aren’t.

Brawl Stars: Is not a good game, it’s a great game!, a popular one too and it’s not really shocking that this has an APK. A Brawl Stars APK for Android is actually available online, but you do need to get this from a very reliable source. Since APKs are taken from sources outside play store, all the more that you have to be cautious because it might have things that can damage your software, steal your identity and much more. So you need to be safe.

Why it exists: Why it exists is because of loopholes, genius people and the drive to make thing available on various platforms. It has always been in the nature of humans to be creative and APKs are one of the proofs of that creativity.

With the release of Brawls Starts in Android still indefinite it puts people in the Android platform to be creative, we don’t know if the APK will work 100 percent or it will work at all because of some compatibility issues. The best thing to find out is to try it out yourself if you are open to the risks. If you don’t know how to there are a ton of sites and videos that can show you how. More importantly, download it on a highly trusted site or you can always to the game developers site if there is actually an APK for the game.



There are always new games coming out of the market, and one of them is Brawl stars! Brawl Stars is one of the most popular games used by those who have mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s a fun game with incredible graphics and it gives users the opportunity to enjoy one of the most exciting and innovative games on the market today. It’s now available as Brawl Stars APK download.

The latest game from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale maker Supercell is out now in Canada and other regions for its soft launch period on iOS and Android (coming soon). Brawl Stars is probably best described as a top-down version of Overwatch for your mobile phone.


Currently, there are 15 characters available for unlocking in the game, and they cover the spread of what you’d expect in the game. There are characters that do a lot of damage but have very few hit points, tank characters that can take tons of hits, and specialist/support-y style characters that assist your team in other interesting ways.

And if you’re not into the tap to move, you can go into the game’s options and use a virtual joystick instead. Some people swear by this alternate control method. Either way, it’s definitely worth trying both out to see what jives with you more.

Currently, there are four different game modes, Smash & Grab is a three on three battle where you need to collect crystals which spawn in the center of the map. The game is won by a team collecting ten crystals and holding on to them for fifteen seconds. The second game mode is Heist which is another three on three affairs. This time, you’re either attacking the enemy safe or defending your own safe. The last mode is Showdown, which is a battle royale-like affair. Ten players get thrown into a very large arena, and the last character standing wins.

Installing in Android devices

If you are a person who is using an Android device, Blackberry or other smartphone or tablet that does not use an iOS system, then the process for downloading the game is slightly different. Where you will want to begin is in the play store, which allows you access to different apps.

From there you select the Brawl Stars APK, download the game. Once again you will be asked some standard questions, such as country or region where you live. You may also be asked to log into your Play Store account in case you wish to purchase credits or rewards to use later on. This is not mandatory, however, just something you may want to do so that you could make your character even better by improving its skill and weaponry more quickly.

The country or region that you choose is based upon the language that you speak. While you may be living in China or Spain, you may also be visiting a location when you decide Brawl Stars APK Download will go, which makes it important that you choose a country or region that best represents the language that you speak fluently. It is preferable that you choose English settings!  After this, just sit back as you enjoy this new game!