Glocks are the go-to pistols and a favourite among a lot of the users. It has been the most successful brand of firearm ever since its introduction. However not all the models of these glocks are the same when it comes to their specifications. In such a scenario it becomes difficult to choose. So here we do a basic comparison between the two most favoured glocks, Glock-17 and Glock-19.

Both of these are the most popular as well as best selling 9mm versions of the glock. They are full sized as well as compact. The numbers 17 and 19 do not determine the size, rather they are the patent numbers of these guns. Glock-17 was the first one to come into the market. Following its huge hit, a smaller more compact G19 was made. The other differences between these 17th and 19th patents are mentioned below.

  1. Specifications

 the G19 is definitely a smaller model compared to the G17. The length of the glock 17 is longer, over 8 inches with a barrel length of 4.5 inches. Whereas the 19 has 4 inches as barrel length and total length of 7.3 inches. The height also varies, the 17 has a total height of 5.43 inches whereas the 19 stands 5 inches tall. Similarly, in the case of weight, glock 17 is on the heavier side weighing 25 ounces whereas the glock 19 weighs around 23.6 ounces.

  1. Recoil

 There is not a lot of difference in the overall shooting experience. The recoil is pretty similar in both models as the size difference isn’t too much. Although it can differ from person to person. The two types of recoil, actual as well as felt coil might differ in different people. In such a case the 19 may have a bit more recoil, but the difference is very slight that it may not be felt.

  1. Accuracy

 Accuracy is usually determined by the expertise of a user and not the gun itself. However most of the people agree that the accuracy is pretty much same in the case of both these models. The difference if any, might not be perceivable as both these models perform exceptionally well in case of accuracy.

  1. Concealment

 In terms of concealment, its an obvious choice. The bigger G17 is slightly difficult to conceal when compared to its compact version the G19. Although both of these can be concealed easily compared to other pistols, the glock 17 does take a slightly more effort to conceal when compared with glock 19. however, there are way s that it can be achieved if you use the right holster. Here is a link to a holster buying guide to best conceal a Glock 17. https://progunholsters.com/best-glock-17-holsters-of-2020/

  1. Ease of use

 Ease of use depends upon the needs of the user. If you are more comfortable with a smaller, more compact model then the obvious choice is the 19. but if size is not a matter, then the glock 17 is generally the most used pistol in the gun world. If concealment is not an issue, then it is the basic and the most go-to model that is generally used by all officials as well as common people alike.

Hence the conclusion depends upon what type of requirements that you may have with these guns. Try them out, and go for the one that feels the best to you in terms of size and efficiency.