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Founded in 1985 based in Tokyo, Japan it is one of the biggest animation studios in Asia; yes it is Ghibli studios. They have created some epic movies which are loved and remembered by people like my neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, whisper of the heart and many more. With many legendary creators like Miyazaki and directors at the helm of these movies, they became one of the biggest successes in the animation world.

Just like any other animation studio, Ghibli studio movies also chalked out some memorable characters and themes which got etched in movie lovers minds and they love to see them everywhere. This is why merchandises based on Ghibli characters are so famous among the fandom.

Popularity of Ghibli

There are many reasons why people love Ghibli movies and their characters which entice them and immerse the viewers completely in the movie. But let’s see the two most basic reasons:

  • Detail oriented: yes, that is what makes these characters so lovable and relatable. The characters are created with such fine detailing whether animation wise or by giving them different personalities, creators paid attention to different aspects of the real world features and added just the right amount of other-worldliness.
  • Values and ideals: Ghibli always keeps the natural ideals and values that a person needs to follow in their real lives all perfectly embedded in their stories and characters. This makes them believable. Also, their major themes always remained love and friendship in all forms making them popular as people tend to connect to these two feelings and relationships on a greater level.


Why people love Ghibli merchandises?

When the characters become famous for some of the major successes of a studio, it is natural for fans to look for the merchandise based on their favorite characters and themes. Most of the Ghibli characters are simply great with different layers in their persona and lovable stories attached to them and everyone can relate to at least one of the characters on a personal level. This is why Ghibli merchandises are so famous among Ghibli fans. Nowadays one can avail to the best in quality clothing merchandise, accessory merchandise and other decorative items to keep the movie memory young and now find more info about them on the merchandise websites.