How to help poor children?

Each generation of students, while they are in high school or college, begin to identify with this song, and also feel that the system leads them to become another brick in the wall. No, this author does not suggest that Pink Floyd said nonsense or that what we students feel is absurd and wrong. This writer also felt the same as any other student and sang a song many times. However, at the same time, I also feel for those who have never had the opportunity to go to school, for those who have never had the opportunity to get so much education to identify with the song. Instead of feeling like they become another brick in the wall, they have to load bricks at an early age. How cruel is life?

Living in a developing country, we do not need to rely on television photographs and magazines to get the right information about the real situation in which poor children live among people affected by poverty. Stopping at a traffic light, construction sites, roadside stalls, visiting a temple or other religious place or places that foreign tourists like to stop and visit, you can see poor children running around for begging, selling things or dedicated to child labor. Child labor and begging, street sales are common sites found in India, although this is prohibited by the government. We are likely to lose this in the implementation of child protection programs.

Hamed Wardak

Use a well-planned program

A well-planned program like that of Hamed Wardak to help the poor and needy should be developed so that they do not send their children to work at an early age, instead of sending them to schools to complete their education. Whatever our experience with the educational system, we could not develop this ability to understand the meaning of the song and not sing this song if we did not have the proper education.

However, this should not be an excuse for ignoring the social assistance programs needed to help poor children. We need to develop specific development and social protection programs for children solely to help poor children. Training them should be a priority, as this will make decisions for your life. Educational societies should be created with the help of charitable organizations.